The Esco Bar Vape is an e-cigarette designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. However, it does not come with any airflow adjustment features. The airflow is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping and there are no heat settings for different flavors. This device also does not feature any stealth mode or different heat levels, which makes it an ideal choice for mouth-to-lung vaping.

Esco Bars Mesh

The Esco Bars Mesh disposable vaporizer is a convenient option for those who want to vape on the go. Its pre-filled and pre-charged cartridges contain 50mg nicotine salts and offer up to 2500 puffs. The cartridges are also available in a range of flavors, including savory.

If you’re looking for a vape pen that has a classic candy flavor, the Esco Bar Mesh will provide it. Its fruity, sweet flavor is reminiscent of a mixed fruit confectionary. It’s smooth and a good choice for anyone who enjoys sweet treats. The Mesh vape pen can be used throughout the day for maximum flavor and vapour production.

Esco Bars Mega

The Esco Bars Mega is a battery-operated disposable vaporizer that is ideal for anyone who is just starting their vaping journey. The Mega has a 5% nicotine strength and a rechargeable battery that can last for about three hours. Its 14ml pre-filled pod holds 12ml of e-juice, and its mesh coil technology ensures a smooth, consistent taste from the beginning to the end.

This disposable vape is made by Esco Bar, a brand known for making the best-tasting vape juice. The Mega comes in a variety of flavors, and it’s made with a mesh coil that allows for a smooth vapor and flavor. This device is highly portable and can be recharged using a USB-C cable.

Esco Bars Blue Raspberry

The Esco Bars Vape Blue Raspberry vape pen is a fantastic vaping device that delivers a smooth, sweet and tart blue raspberry flavor. Its large 6ml e-liquid capacity and a powerful 1000mAh battery make this pen a popular choice for vapers. This device also has a built-in mesh coil for an exceptional vaping experience.

The blue raspberry flavor is also available in a disposable vape pen. This vape pen contains 50mg of nicotine salts and features a 6mL pod with a high-quality, long-lasting battery. This pen can vaporize up to 2500 puffs per charge.

There are many different flavors available from Esco Bars, making it difficult to choose one. The Pastel Cartel Esco Bars feature a unique flavor profile and the perfect balance between flavor and nicotine content.

Esco Bars Rainbow

If you like to vape candy flavors, the Esco Bars Vape Rainbow vape juice may be the perfect vape for you. This vape juice features a blend of candy-like flavors that taste like cotton candy. The flavors are sweet with hints of berries, citrus, and other fruits. With over 2,500 hits, this vape juice has been a favorite among many vapers.

It has a non-refillable 6mL pod that is pre-filled with 50mg of nicotine salts. The vape pen is powered by a built-in battery, which means that it requires no maintenance. The flavor of this e-liquid is a great fit for adult vapers.